Like so many kids, I grew up wanting to be a superhero. So when I had the opportunity to become a D.K. Arndt superhero, I did not hesitate. Being T.P Man has brought me great pride and honor.

Saving someone in distress from E Val Iris is what you got to see. Throwing pens with speed and accuracy may be my claim to fame, but is there more to being a D.K. Arndt superhero? Yes, of course!

With a strong mind and ability to solve complex problems, we can help people often before they are in distress. These acts may not make it in a commercial or, for that matter, even get noticed. However, a superhero does not work for the glory but can work anonymously to help his fellow man or woman.

At D.K. Arndt we strive to be there for you, working together to achieve your goals. And if the need ever arises, you can count on your D.K. Arndt superhero to be there for you.

Who wouldn’t want to be that for someone? Come join our team of accounting superheroes today. Take that leap, ride that bike, or whatever it takes to be a part of D.K. Arndt superheroes.