• Great people! High-quality, diligent coworkers that care about the services we provide to our clients. Our clients are genuine, hardworking people. They bring out our best when we serve them.
  • Variety! We’re a small firm with the opportunity to do a variety of tasks from small, individual tax returns to large, complex nonprofits, from farmers to large corporations & partnerships, to payrolls and bookkeeping.
  • Community! We really enjoy living in small town Iowa. Our clients are our friends, and we work together for the good of our community through various volunteer activities.
  • Advancement! Work hard and you will have the opportunity to advance quickly in your CPA career with DKA.
  • Flexible schedule! Family is important to us. We offer flexible schedules to try to accommodate our employees and their personal schedules.

Want to join our team? Check us out on www.dkarndtcpa.net and apply at “[email protected]”!