COVID-19 had an effect on most business’ way of working during 2020. We continue to follow the same practices from the 2020 tax year to the 2021 tax year. We are continuing to receive drop offs rather than meeting in person. Remember some key points when dropping off your documents:

  • If there is anything unusual about any of your documents, paperclip a note to it explaining the change. 
  • Ensure we have a good phone number and/or email address for the best way to contact you. 
  • Let us know if your marital status or filing status has changed. 
  • Did you receive any correspondence from the IRS or from the State of Iowa? If so, bring us the letter, please.
  • Let us know of any dramatic changes to your lifestyle within the last year (Marriage, baby, new house, new job, etc.)

Help us help you! The more accurate information we have, the quicker and more efficient we are able to prepare your tax return. If you are unsure of what information we need, give us a call.