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Bookkeeping & Payroll

Do you want to save time on bookkeeping and payroll operations so you can focus more on making money for your business? Or are you lacking the expertise to do your own bookkeeping and payroll for your business? No worries, D.K. Arndt Accounting Superheroes to your rescue!

Let our seasoned professionals help your business with bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax return services to fit your business’ needs. Enjoy our hassle-free, full services all year round. We’re ready to assist you in any way possible. 

We offer amended return preparation services, corrected W2s, 1099s and can correspond with the government for you. Let us manage your payroll quickly and accurately, all while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality you have come to expect from DK Arndt, PC. 

We offer the following Bookkeeping & Payroll services:

Monthly, quarterly and year-end payroll and sales tax returns

Bank reconciliation

Data entry

Prepare financial statements


Retirement plan withholding and remittance

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