As a child I watched the superhero cartoons and read the comic books.  At the time I found I was more fascinated with the villains. They had the cooler costumes and had the latest technology and gadgets.

The villains appeared to just have more fun!  And who doesn’t want to have fun, right? The villains also had the beautiful and evil sidekick.  They were actually very creative in finding ways to wreak havoc on the local citizens and finding ways to take money and control of businesses that weren’t theirs. I found the challenge of finding technologies to exploit others and to utilize complex evil plots to plunder others was quite thrilling.  What better way to do this than to work at a taxing agency!  It was like stealing candy from a baby.

But a few years ago, the DK Arndt superheroes arrived and everything changed.  Every time I found a new way to tax money from others, they would show up in their fancy outfits and assist their clients in keeping their hard-earned money.  And not only that, but their clients were always congratulating them and seemed so happy that I wasn’t able to get more of their money.

This trend continued and my scheming was getting nowhere. It seemed the more frustrated I was, the happier the DK Arndt superheroes and their clients were.  As an evil-doer you are never really happy, but this was getting too frustrating.  The DK Arndt superheroes were outwitting me at every turn.  Do you know how frustrating it is to come up with these wonderful taxing schemes only to find the DK Arndt superheroes countering me at every turn?!

As I sat in my evil lair contemplating my next scheme, it dawned on me.  I am the only one not happy.  The DK Arndt superheroes were happy; their clients were happy.  I want to be happy too!  It occurred to me on that day that I, too, could be happy.  I could change by putting my efforts into battling other tax schemers.  That day I went from being Eval IRIS to Valiant.  I was going to be a DK Arndt superhero!  That thought made me happy. It felt wonderful knowing I could help others and be a DK Arndt superhero.