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D.K. Arndt Superheroes - E. Val IRiS

Introducing our team of accounting superheroes, coming soon to a theater near you!

D K Arndt Numbers Girl and Digit

Numbers Girl introduces her sidekick superhero, Digit. Watch as they help a mother and her daughter who have BIG problems!

DK Arndt Superheroes

DK Arndt Superheroes

TP Man Long Version

The newest superhero from D.K. Arndt. TP Man!!

TP Man 30 Seconds

See TP Man Rescue the damsel in distress.

DK Arndt Iris Jokes

What do the superheroes do after a long day? Pick on the supervillain of course!!

Captain Accounting

Watch Captain Accounting keep things in Balance

DK Arndt Guardians

DK Arndt Guardians

Accounting Man

Accounting man saves the day for Owen Cash!

Deduction and Audit

Deduction and Audit

IRiS Gets His Revenue

Watch EVal IRiS get his revenge on the D.K. Arndt, Superheroes.

Superheroes Return

E. Val IRiS plan is foiled as the D.K. Arndt Superheroes make their return.

E File vs Accounting Man

See Accounting Man help protect a taxpayer from E-File.

Deduction Vs Audit II

See Deduction teach Audit a lesson

Interview With TP Man, Accounting Superhero

TP Man shares what it is like for him as a D.K. Arndt, Superhero. P.S. Watch all the way to the end!

D.K. Arndt, Showdown

D.K. Arndt Showdown

Meet the newest D.K. Arndt Superhero, DKA Ranger, as he confronts the Tax Collector!

Accounting Man

Accounting Man Returns!

See Accounting Man help another in distress!

Captain Accounting vs Tax Collector

Captain Accounting Returns!

See Captain Accounting do battle versus the Tax Collector!

Valiant Begins

Valiant Begins

E Val Iris has changed his ways! He is now known as Valiant.

Passing the Fedora

Passing the Fedora

Accounting man, we have one more request of you, it is time to pass the Fedora. Meet the newest superhero at D.K. Arndt Superheroes, and thank Accounting Man for his service!!
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